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Outdoor Education Program

Ellen White mentions in her classic “Steps To Christ”,  on the first page, from the very first sentence, “Nature and revelation alike testify of God’s love”.  Revelation (the Bible) is very clear on God’s love for us.  But nature, which PAS students will explore, will show how “God is love” is inscribed throughout His created works!  It’s like learning another language! 


Biodiversity in Outdoor Education

Whether at the beach or in the forrest, PAS students are learning about the different biomes that were created by God.  PAS students are experiencing the diversity of species, genetics, and ecosystems up close and personal.


Outdoor Education Begins Early

“Let the children learn to see in nature an expression of the love and the wisdom of God; let the thought of Him be linked with bird and flower and tree; let all things seen become to them the interpreters of the unseen, and all the events of life be a means of divine teaching.”
Child Guidance
Ellen G. White


Value of Outdoor Education

“Parents [teachers] may do much to connect their children [students] with God by encouraging them to love the things of nature which He has given them, and to recognize the hand of the Giver in all they receive. The soil of the heart may thus early be prepared for casting in the precious seeds of truth, which in due time will spring up and bear a rich harvest.”
Child Guidance
Ellen G. White

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