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Kids need to be kids while they’re growing into functional, happy, better adults. And studies show that children who receive a balanced education that emphasizes mental, physical, and social growth and wellbeing do best throughout their lives. For Adventist schools, that means a focus on play and active learning, Bible-based curriculum, service to God and others, and meaningful experiences that show students where they fit in their communities and God’s master plan.


Brand New

Hybrid School


PAS now offers a hybrid school.  This is for homeschoolers and other families looking for an alternative.  Our program is quite unique in that it's four days at home and one day in-person, on the campus.  Please inquire if this program is of interest to you!  

Pre-K and K


Our schools let students learn, grow, and explore their world encircled by the safe boundaries of caring teachers, curated curriculum, and relevant activities for each developmental stage.

Grades 1-4


As Christ-centered educational communities, Adventist schools provide a welcome alternative to public institutions that cannot extend the safety net a Christian atmosphere provides. Since our classes and activities promote the development of a Christ-like character and habits that will last a lifetime, students of all races, cultures, and religions are welcome and respected.

Grades 5-8


At all levels, our students are encouraged to learn, explore, and grow. Our teachers integrate faith into each aspect of the learning process, using a wide range of classes and activities to guide students as they develop important skills for success in school and in life. From grade to grade, rigorous learning experiences help students build on their existing knowledge and become proficient in their core subjects. Leadership, service, and mission opportunities are integrated into the program, building character and equipping students with important life skills.

Marzano  Standards Based Learning

Marzano Standards-Based Learning (SBL) emphasizes clear, measurable learning goals, student-centered instruction, and frequent, formative assessments to improve educational outcomes. The rationale behind Marzano SBL is to ensure that teaching and learning are aligned with specific standards, enabling students to understand the expectations and track their progress. This approach promotes mastery of essential skills and knowledge, personalizes learning to meet individual needs, and fosters a growth mindset by providing timely feedback and opportunities for improvement. By focusing on what students need to learn and how they can achieve it, Marzano SBL aims to enhance student engagement, achievement, and long-term success.

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