Peninsula Adventist® School


Why PAS?

I like this school because of all the friends I have made here. The field trips are really fun and we get to learn new things. I like that they teach us about God and we get the chance to share him.

J. L.

A Passion for Learning:

PAS specializes in creating experiences that foster a lifelong Love of learning. Through invitational classrooms, engaging teachers, and an environment where all abilities are honored, a passion for knowledge takes root.


A Safe  Place to Grow:

As the issues students face grow increasingly complex, and as the culture bombards them with negative messages, PAS is a vital haven for moral development. It offers a safe place for  young people to question and grow.


A Bridge to the Future:

PAS puts down a strong elementary foundation the high schools build on, providing critical preparation for life, college and everything after. We start them on university type prep courses and performing arts. Our commitment to quality is unflinching.


Rock Solid in a Changing World:

 PAS understands that on the future, there are no shortcuts. No investment is too large, no sacrifice too great. In an uncertain world, PAS education stands firm offering parents and young people a foundation of academic excellence and appropriate moral values.


A Passion for Quality:

It's a statistical fact that Adventist Education prepares students to be uniquely successful. They're academically prepared. College bound. Clear thinkers motivated to achieve. The ingredients are simple: technology and obsessive commitment to quality improvement.


A Reason for Being:

PAS exist to prepare young people for success. We seek to nurture a spirit of inquiry and a lifelong commitment to service over selfish ambition.