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I like PAS best because of the dedicated teachers. Mrs. Ford and Mr. Grados consistently give their best for the kids. Every child is thoughtfully considered and prepared for. Mrs. Ford is known to change curriculum, classroom setting or scheduling to meet a child's needs. Mr. Grados is heartfelt and sincerely wants the kids to do well and be happy. His exciting field trips and commitment to the school sports program have added to the school spirit and fun at PAS. God has blessed PAS to have these wonderful, God-fearing people here at this time.




Yvonne Ford, Teacher/Principal

Yvonne earned her Bachelor's degree in Health and Physical Education with a minor in Religion from Pacific Union College in Angwin, CA.  During one of her first years of teaching, a math teacher left the school in the middle of the year.  She was asked to pick up a math class to help out the school until the end of the year.  That started her on the path to earn her Master's degree in Secondary Mathematics Education from the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga. She holds a Seventh-Day Adventist credential and a State Credential.  Her state credential is in Secondary Mathematics.  In Adventist schools, she is credentialed to teach High School P.E., health, Bible, Technology, History, Math, and all subjects at the elementary level.  She also holds an Administrative Certificate in SDA schools.  Yvonne has had experience teaching grades 1-4, 5-8, high school, and college.  She has taught in both public and SDA schools.  Her love and support is 100% behind Adventist Education.  She believes it is the best educational program in the world.




Luis Grados, Teacher

Luis Earned his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science with a minor in Youth Ministry from La Sierra University in Riverside, CA.  Upon completion of his undergraduate program he decided to pursue his Masters of business & administration. During his first years of teaching he worked as a K-6 Physical Education and Spanish teacher at Azure Hills Adventist Elementary in Grand Terrace, CA. After a few years as elementary physical education teacher, he moved to Loma Linda Academy in Loma Linda, CA where he worked as the high school physical education teacher. Upon serving two wonderful schools he got a call to be the K-12 technology teacher and physical education. It was during this time that he provided technology support to the teachers to better integrate technology into the curriculum. During this time, he started a swimming and weight training class to promote an active lifestyle and remind students a sedentary lifestyle can lead to various diseases.  This started him on a path to pursue a degree in Master of Arts in Curriculum & Instruction with an emphasis in 21st Century learning. He has also worked with international students teaching them Bible, English, History, TOEFL and SAT. He has experience in all grade levels and making all subjects interesting while preparing students for a life of service and for the soon return of Jesus. He believes that 21st century learning will prepare our students to have a better worldview as they serve those they meet. He has travel to six continents on mission trips, educational tours and has even lived in China for a few months

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